Have you lost your mind?



The case of 100 missing brains has been solved. The brains, missing from the university of Texas in Austin, have been found at the university of Texas in San Antonio.  T. Schallert, a professor at the Austin campus, said, “They, (the researchers at the San Antonio campus), read a media report and called to say, ‘We’ve got those brains!'”

The brains, used for research, have been AWOL since the 1990s, but their whereabouts took on a new urgency with the publication of a new book, “Malformed: Forgotten Brains of the Texas State Mental Hospital.

I am left wondering  how one walks out with 100 brains, and how ironic that they have actually been forgotten.

Credits: Gary Larson, the far side, the detroit free press wire services

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  1. Beth, this is so funny and puzzling, too. I cannot imagine this as a prank but someone had to come up with it, one way or another. It has been a mystery for over 10 years! I liked the cute comic, too, my brain often seems too full to sit still!

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