easy like a sunday morning.



after a  night spent

with mayhem

and mischief

and fun


peaches’ cottage

while mom and dad have a date


ending up


the longest night ever


tucked into the loft

nestled with

 nacho the cat


babies j and b



we wake up to another day

the shortest day


find our zen.



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  1. Ahhh, it must do your heart good Beth as a grandma and teacher to see them choose to pick up a book and start reading. Also Nacho has certainly turned out to be a warm and friendly cat – must be the company he keeps!

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  2. Okay, I loved this but I have to get right to the detail that doesn’t line up with my own grandies experience…. we wear chef’s aprons or painting smocks over our pajamas. There are four different choices, since I have had the four over together while mixing magical potions or recipes up! Those kids using the spoons look too clean!! Beth, you know I am just teasing you a bit.
    I loved the whole thing, kit and caboodle!

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