is it us?



or does anyone else

see the irony


a 10-minute limit

for parking

at a post office?

why do they

threaten us

with an



(maybe having to work a shift there?)

if we are

still parked in their lot

after 10 minutes

and then

force us

to stand in line

for 45 minutes?

the federal government spends millions to run the Postal Service.

i could lose your mail for half of that.

– pat paulsen

credits: many thanks to my boyfriend, marc for sharing the ironies in life with me.

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  1. Unless it says ‘you will be clamped’ over here in Ireland no one would pay a blind bit of notice to a ten minute threat. In fact they’d probably park there on purpose. In general not a great nation for following orders, or order for that matter.

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  2. My post office has three non-handicapped spots (small country town) so I park in the church parking lot and walk over. And take my sweet time! The only thing I could offer about the “ten minute” sign is that probably nobody is really monitoring it!

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  3. Loved your comment about the 10 minute parking and the 45 minute line!! Very Ironic, Beth!! I also loved the Pat Paulsen comment, he sure was a funny guy! His face was so serious and his lines delivered with such a dry, droll voice! Big smiles!!

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    • 3 grown and married daughters and 6 grandchildren later, i am an amazing 18 year old. i love going to the post office too, yet find their systems to be crazy. maybe that’s why i find it all so fun.


  4. I’m so tired of government bureaucracies that I’ve now taken to bringing a book to read with me while standing in line! I swear, I’ve “AGED” since the last DMV appointment!!!! 🙂

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  5. Dave WestermanJuly 11, 2011 – 1:44 Thanks Tom,I’m going to get into the assessment more in PART 3. Look out for PART 2 because I’ll get into more of the details of what’s going on in the chain rehaniot.tcanks


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