the sky is the daily bread of the eyes. ~ralph waldo emerson



‘neath bright blue sky

upon wide open fields of snow

with no end in sight

nothing to do

but to run and to play

on such

a fine

and lovely

winter’s day.



nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere

and the circumference nowhere.

– blaise pascal


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  1. Whew – you are expansive today Beth – I like it. You know I trucked for many years and then went in the office for a few years, then went back to trucking. The first day back, leaving town with a load on a brilliantly sunny winter’s day – I was gobsmacked by how huge the sky was, It so expressed the infinite possibilities of this world – especially after staring at a computer screen for 12 hrs a day.

    Cool post Beth. Thank You


  2. Your kids and grandkids are so fortunate, Other Beth, to have you who will enrich them with these beautiful thoughts and ways of looking at life! So many of us rushed headlong through the days without pause for a little poetry and reflection – or to appreciate the beauty of a day playing in an open snowfield under a vast blue sky. Thanks for the post!

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  3. Beth, you have quite a wide expanse for those children to spread out and really run and enjoy the winter’s day. It was so sunny and beautiful yesterday, too!
    The quote about the sky fit this to a “T!”
    This captured the fun I used to have while outside on recess with the preschoolers and also, when I accompany the grandies on sledding expeditions or hikes in the snow.

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  4. I remember playing in the snow until my hands and lips were purple! My Mom would ask me if I were cold and I’d answer (while shaking!), “Not at all, Mom. Not at all…” What can I say? I was a goofy kid who turned into a “goofy adult”! 🙂

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