leave no stone unturned. – euripides



he spent all of his recess

digging in the

hard muddy ground

with a

broken plastic shovel

and a little team

of even littler friends

and at long last

all of this hard work

paid off

and he

presented this

very special


a rock

in all


muddy glory.

geologists have a saying – rocks remember.
– neil armstrong

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  1. Ha! Most excellent adventure Beth. When my step-son was about 7 we moved into a mature landscaped subdivision. His previous house had been on the rocky shores of t\he Atlantic in new Brunswick. There were no rocks at all to be found, of any size, in his new neighborhood. So he got his wagon, enlisted my help and we walked down to the river bank where we harvested rocks – various sizes up to fit size. Loading the wagon we pulled the collection of rocks home. To my amazement, he set up a table in front of the house, made a sign, and began selling rocks for between 10 cents to 50 cents , depending on size.. He told his new friends stories about all the rocks he used to have in his old home and he sold out of rocks by the end of the day. Blew me away.

    Great post Beth – thanks for the memories!

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