you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh again.



you’ll do all of that and more

when you read ‘chasing kites’

by tom nardone

of word press fame  – (iamtomnardone)

tom grew up dealing with undiagnosed adhd, suffering through bullies, schools, adults and family who didn’t understand him, and surviving many incredibly tough situations.

in this, his debut book, tom shares his stories, with unapologetic humor and honesty, as he learned over many years, how to overcome and live with these obstacles.

at last, with his take no prisoners approach to life, he has finally come into his own, with a loving and hilarious wife and stepson who accept him as he is, with all of his challenges and strengths. and he has found his voice, and his calling, in his blog and podcasts that let him reach out to others who may be struggling and who can use his stories to understand there is light at the end of the tunnel.

never give up and accept who you are.

a great read and a great message for everyone.








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