culture clash is terrific drama.  – ken follett  


yes, this is a mariachi band playing “my girl”

at a senior living facility in hamtramck (polish/arabic community)

must be national nursing home week!

credit: e.t., my friend and ticket broker, who works hard on behalf of the seniors and is always up to something with them.

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  1. It is great that seniors are being serenaded. I see exposure to alternate cultures much like fluffing the end of the ream of paper before you insert it into the copy machine. It makes it so that the individual memories are independently accessible and don’t just stick together. 😀

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  2. Beth, this came at just the right time–my mom moved to assisted living/memory care on Tuesday, and it ain’t easy. They do have live music weekly, which she will love, so this reminds me of the nice parts of her new digs. And I chuckled at the My Girl song–love it!! Mariachi is awesome. Enjoy your weekend, teacher friend!

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  3. Back on Record Store Day I got an album of Cambodian psychedelia from the 60s and 70s. If you have an idea of what a Cambodian psychedelic band performing “The House Of The Rising Sun” is like, you’re better at anticipating possibilities than I am.

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