imagination… its limits are only those of the mind itself. – rod serling



rod serling

one of my favorite writers,

a man who never let his mind limit his imagination.

little golden  t.z. bedtime stories anyone?

wild dreams guaranteed.


image credit: the twilight zone

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    • No worries, peter. Rod wrote mostly for television. He had strong political and social views and was censored until he turned to sci-fi to convey his messages and then was left alone. If you ever have the chance watch one of his twilight zone old episodes. Brilliant !


  1. Should I be surprised, Beth? Your artistry with imagination, and your travels outside the box … Cool post. I’m flying out to Lake Michigan area. Maybe by breathing in some of the air, there, I will be blessed with some of your creativity. Actually, maybe not. It doesn’t work that way. BUT, I can use some TZ imagination.

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