it was an ordinary summer’s day

and began with

a trip to the doc

who was out

so i met a partner

who was very shy

but who smiled

in spite of himself

as he handed me

a ‘good patient’ princess sticker

then off to the apple store

where a ‘genius’

gave me an hour and a half

of his time

without complaint

while smiling

answering all of my questions

with patience

 no attitude

later on my walk downtown

 i watched

a hearty construction worker

on his lunch break

reach into his pocket

pull out a dollar

gently bend down

give it to a homeless man

right in his hand


i saw

 a very young and skinny

chain restaurant worker

with his company t-shirt on

hand some of his tip money

to another street person

and i continued on

where i crossed paths with

a hot dog stand guy

who gave me a nod and a friendly wink

crinkling up his eyes as he smiled

and with each interaction

it felt like people

were doing their best

to stretch a little bit

out of their comfort zone

in an effort

to reach out and touch others

to make a small gesture

and making a larger impact

than they ever imagined.

“the real energy occurs in each connection between two people,

which can bring about exponential returns.”

– tom rath

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  1. What a great reminder that every bit counts when it comes to making someone’s day. All those parts add up to a whole greater than anyone can every imagine 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A beautifully written piece reminding me that I see human kindness most every day…just need to stop watching the “news” and tune into what’s actually happening outside my door…Thx for the reminder, Sweetie! 🙂

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