nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. – ralph waldo emerson



met this group of young entrepreneurs

while walking back

from the downtown art fair

found them

just on the perimeter

in a safe zone

for guerilla marketing

and a cash business

in a bright spot

future lemonade magnates


a plan

a happy disposition


a wagon-load


of quiet enthusiasm

they had made sixty dollars

on the day before


rotating jobs

one sign-holder

three salesmen

at street level

offering up cool cups


sweet relief

to all who wandered by

with shy smiles

and  a price you couldn’t refuse.

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  1. Enthusiasm is one of my favorite words, one of the most important words I think – from the Greek and the French, ‘possessed by a god, inspired.’ Amen to that sister. Be enthusiastic. – Bill

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  2. Very sweet and encouraging. I agree, enthusiasm is a great trait and goes a long way toward ensuring success. Hard to maintain unless one is positive and self-motivated, but that is what we all hope to be. Thought provoking post, Beth.

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  3. Aww, I just love when I find kids with lemonade to sell! And at first, i thought your title said, “nothing great was ever *archived* without enthusiasm” and I just thought that was the weirdest random statement! LOL!

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