who bothers to cook TV dinners? i suck them frozen. – woody allen



happy national tv dinner day!


so much fun and so easy!


on christmas 1968, the apollo 8 crew feasted almost just like home on frozen tv dinners. mini bottles of brandy were included but they opted out to play it safe – no space hangovers, and left them unopened.




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  1. Wow, blast from the past Beth.It’s almost a history of my life – I was born in 1958, so I’ve been with TV dinners almost from the start. Imagine – I remember most of the history of this product cause I was around when it happened. Whew. I feel both comfortable and old at this realization.

    Cool post Beth.

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  2. This reminds me of a great story! I worked as an interpreter for Russian Jewish immigrants in 1979-1982. They arrived as fantastic cooks of fabulous meals. But they used to host us for a dinner after they had settled in and become accustomed to “American Life”. I remember looking forward to a real Russian Grandmother feast one night, and arriving to find ten guests and ten TV dinners. So so Sad!!!!

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  3. I’ll still go to the Hungry Man fried chicken in a pinch, Beth. Turkey or beef with gravy if I must. You know, in a rush to make my bowling league and my dear wife Karen is busy. I guess what I’m saying is, some are better than others and even steps above the grade of edible.

    I didn’t realize they’d dropped the Swanson name from the box. You so educate me. 🙂

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  4. So happy we had tv dinners when I was a kid or my full time teaching mom would have resorted to cereal and dad would have been bringing in the pizza (instead of bringing home the bacon!) Yippee for no radio dinners, too ha ha!

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