everybody in their own imagination decides what scary is. – yvonne craig



followed this

on the way into work today

not sure what to make of it


imagination is working overtime


don’t really want to find out.



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  1. For me, this guy looks like a member of the “Mad Men” show. Cool, offer me a martini not a strange question.
    So then I am wondering why the suit and how this applies to prayer. Who is it limiting? It is like the white, blue-eyed Jesus that even as a child I was not sure He represented someone from the desert area of Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

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  2. Ha! I can tell you this – there used to be some real good looking cops in Mesquite Texas – Ha! Years ago there was a southern trucking company that had messages like your picture above on their trucks and trailers. I was parked beside one of their trucks at a truck stop in Mesquite one morning. It had a big cross in lights on the air deflector and written on the side was “Truckin’ for Jesus” I was checking my tires (having slept there in my bunk) when the driver got dropped off. He was a good ol’ Mississippi boy who looked a little worse for the wear and I asked him just casually how he was doing. He went off on this long story, the gist of which was that he had tried to pay a girl in a bar for sex the night before and she had turned out to be an undercover cop. Ha! He spent the night in jail. I told him he should change the sigh on his door to “Truckin’ to Beat Jesus” Ha! (PS – I mean no disrespect to religion – just to those who impose theirs on others.)

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  3. I don’t know whether you noticed but I have begun setting my poetry out in a layout similar to yours; I think it’s more reader friendly and frankly I like it a lot. I hope you don’t mind

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    • i have noticed the change, john and i’m happy that you’ve found a style that is one that you enjoy – i think we’re all in a constant state of change, and things flow as they should. each person’s style is unique and no one has a claim on them. i’m flattered that you feel as though your great writing is in any way like mine. )

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  4. This would be scary. I like to turn things end over end so I’d also wonder how folks would act if, instead of s suited figure, there would be a person in robes. Or with a beard. Or a shapely woman. Or a small child. Or of a person with a weapon. Or someone handing out $20 bills. Appearances can be deceiving.

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