A friendly bloggers’ wager on the gridiron


and…..i’m watching right now from my warm, comfy couch, as michigan leads at the half. looks like i’ll just sit back and wait to see mark’s losing photo in rain gear tomorrow. )

Mark Bialczak

The day has arrived for the third in a series of BloggyVille wagers regarding the success of the sports teams that Beth of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On and I.

Just as a refresher, and not to rub it in at all, I won the season series wager between my Triple A Syracuse Chiefs and her Toledo Mud Hens in International League baseball play during the 2004 season, and Beth paid off with great photos she took attending a game in Toledo (and a care package that came in the mail, too, totally because she’s a great sport). Last fall, I won again when my alma mater Maryland Terps beat her alma mater Michigan Wolverines in football, and she paid off with a boffo post of Maryland alum and San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis singing our alma mater. It was a mighty big save from herself singing it, by…

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  1. Good luck. Or … well, I guess it’s probably done by this time of the afternoon. I’m sorry, I’m from New Jersey, we just don’t really have the whole college-football thing despite the famous Rutgers-Princeton Game.

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