life is too short for traffic. ~dan bellack



there is something wrong with this.

it’s like starting out your journey

by surrendering to the inevitable traffic jam,

knowing you’ll be frustrated and angry.

what about making

a tiny carry-out espresso cup


that reads:

“just a quick shot to enjoy

as we’re sure you will

soon be arriving

at your destination?”Ā 

i could really go for that.

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  1. Love 7-11.Here in Toronto most have gas stations attached. The fuel company I worked for had the contract to do all their local gas and diesel deliveries. When I had done a delivery I would always get a coffee with honey or special cremes. Here they have great big fat juicy hot dogs-bigger than sausages. Every topping you could want on your hot dog with some chips and it was a meal. They also had thick tasty sandwiches and on hot days, every flavor of crushed ice you could imagine – my favorite was Lemonade.

    I have warm memories of 7-11’s.. šŸ˜€

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      • They are good and sensible people who run the 7-11. Their Canadian franchise and marketing is in Vancouver but all their operations decisions – even day to day issues – are run from their HO in Dallas. Ha! They could be too funny. Here they had multiple accounts for gas supply at different oil companies. All their stations were branded “7-11” with two exceptions. Those exceptions were “Exxon” (Esso here) branded stations. Exxon ran these with a fist of iron and their gas could only be loaded from Exxon and it was special gas that could only be used in those two stations. Then one day there was a serious gas shortage and 7-11’s accounts were all put on fuel rations by the suppliers.We were short about 300 hundred tractor-trailer loads and called Dallas for a decision on which sites to allow to run out. Ha! Dallas told us to sneak the 300 loads out of Exxon and put them into the regular 7-11 sites. It used to take Exxon about a week before usage reports got to their Head Office – so we hauled Exxon gas into 7-11 stations for a full week -after which time the gas supply was back to normal. Ha! Those two Exxon branded 7-11’s would typically use about 15,000 gallons per day per station or about 200,000 gallons in a week. That week we charged 4.5 million gallons of gas to those two stations and delivered it all over Toronto to 7-11’s Ha!

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  2. I agree, this is marketing copy that maybe is too practical. Good marketing copy is in the clouds, the abstract, transcend me beyond myself, above the traffic —

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  3. Ahhhhh…….but for the “realists.” ……and I guess I’m one of the……LOL! You are supposed to be looking forward to having a comfort to enjoy while making your way to your destination…..thru all that traffic! ……..and if you arrive early……you will have some left to still enjoy!

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  4. I completely agree, Other Beth! Hopefully they’re being a little tongue-in-cheek by alluding to the ridiculousness of living so much of our lives sitting in traffic ……. but probably not. It WOULD be better to send out a message that was comforting and positive instead of cynical.

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  5. Beth – I’m with you on either wanting no slogan on my coffee cup or it had better be something positive. Of course I’m a Starabucks attic and I rarely have more than a green logo on my cup. The Christmas Cups are aout to hit, but I love Christmas so that’s fine with me.
    During the time we lived in DC and on the days I drove in, I had 3 Starbuck stops before I ever hit my office. I guess that was overdoing things, but it also made life a bit more tolerable.
    Riding the metro was much cheaper!

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  6. But what if you get thirsty again and want more espresso cups? Maybe just get those when you know your journey is short? I agree that you don’t want a cup that says, “Start your awful day with coffee.”

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