thank you for giving.


12243248_10153831910731694_7494611680636960565_n (1)grandbaby b and daughter deliver

three of us:

one daughter, h

one grandie, b

and myself,

(not the wisemen)

delivered gifts

of thanksgiving baskets

filled with donated food

provided by many,

to families

in the struggling community

around the school

where h teaches

each and every day

12247187_10153831910641694_2058001717534180494_nsurprise gathering

and how lucky

that we were able

to show up

at one of her student’s houses

and the little one was shocked

when she opened the door

and saw her teacher, h

standing there


 with a basket of things

to make her holiday special

and when this child

with so many life challenges understood

that her teacher had chosen her house to visit

she grabbed her hand and didn’t let go

and her baby sister came to join in the fun

and grandbaby b joined in the fun


another surprise

and on the next day of school

this little student

who didn’t have much to call her own

brought a gift

to thank her teacher, h

and told her:

“you brought me thanksgiving food so I brought you a balloon.” 

and the joy of giving

just kept rolling on.

there are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
– khalil gibran

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  1. Love your blogs Beth. This is awesome on so many levels. They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. You’ve raised wonderful daughters and passed on the beauty and uniqueness of yourself. Love you and all the fun memories that shaped us into who we are and how we see the world.

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  2. Beth, I remember how you felt your daughter is a special teacher and how you expressed how proud you were. ♡ This post shows how she really practices wonderful ways of touching her students’ lives. I am once again moved by how you have raised her to give and love how the grandies get involved, too.
    The single red balloon was a wonderful way for this family to show their gratitude.
    Your quote from the child and the one from Khalil Gibran were beautiful. 🙂

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