i like the idea of the comedy of resilience. – oscar isaac



he played the whole recess

building a big structure

with boards


tree circles


‘surfing’ on them


running around

digging for ‘boulders’


at the end of it all

he walked over to me


if i could help him

to separate his mittens

that had been clipped together

the entire time


any issue or complaint.

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  1. LOL! I love it! Thank you for the great post, Beth. I too often also find situations where I’ve been working the hard way to do something for years when a light bulb finally goes on in my head, and with a minor change, I can do so much more with so much less effort. It’s like, “Hey you (fill in derogatory adjective here), why didn’t you think of this thirty years ago!?!?” I’m that kid, just taller and older!

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