f and m are transported to a place deep in outer space

“the only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea

that there aren’t any space aliens.

we can’t be the best that creation has to offer.

i pray we’re not all there is.

if so, we’re in big trouble.”

― ellen deGeneres

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  1. Oh to be young again and have that type of focus and appreciation of space and really want to go. I always wanted to find all the bad guys and put them on deep space nine so they couldn’t hurt anyone else. LOL I love the youth of today and just thing they will be tomorrow’s leaders. Kat

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  2. HA ! My “HA!” is not just about humor, but about the poignant substance … The image of the two space adventurers, unquestionably focused on the galaxy and beyond, rocks … It looks like they’ve had some chocolate to keep their minds sharp. Ellen’s quote has some good ambivalence (I like “good” ambivalence), two of her concerns – – – the fear of space aliens, and the fear that there are no space aliens.

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    • when i saw this happening, it was like they had become an actual part of the game, they’d been transported. yes, the chocolate is all the fuel that need and you are spot on about ellen’s quote.

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