kinders offer their presentations 


the other kinders

and to us

their teachers.

they are very excited


they tell us

all about

the animals

they have studied.

one teaches us about 

the colorful parrot.

another one asks

‘why do they fly?’

kinder answers

‘so they can see the world.’

in this moment 

of clarity and understanding

she has

traded places with us

and has

become the teacher


we learn so much from her.

“feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

-frida kahlo

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  1. Indeed.Perfect Beth – for them and for you. I truly believe that we maximize our learning when we teach too and that we teach best when we are also learning. Excellent program for the kinders. When I was attending a computer course on programming at my last job the teacher was awesome.I spoke with him afterwards and asked how he kept on top of all the industry changes and his answer was telling – he said that he could only teach if he was working as well-so he had a 30-40 hour a week job programming and taught another 20 hours. I had a french teacher,also at work, who was a university prof full time in languages. She spoke 7 languages and was learning German at the same time. She too said that she taught best when she was learning.

    I got into an intense discussion with one of the HR managers for the Ottawa police department. He thought that no training beyond direct job requirements should be offered to their janitors. I disagreed vehemently and told him that when he could get the janitor to see the floors through the Chief’s eyes,he will have done his job perfectly – and that required a learning component for the janitors job. And so it is with learning – when the teacher can see through the students’ eyes and the students can see through the teachers’eyes,then learning will be maximized.

    Great program Beth.

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  2. The student becomes the “master” in forms of understanding, “grasshopper.” 🙂 It reminds me of the old TV show, Kung Fu with David Carradine.
    I like Frida Kahlo, who was in pain for most of her life as an artist due to a bus accident and poor hospital conditions. The movie and her art with Salma Hayek are very elaborate and engrossing.

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