i have learned that to be with those I like is enough.

-walt whitman

image credit: googleimages


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  1. What you are looking at is the cast of the new Marvel franchise. The Animal Avengers! In this franchise, farm animals will use their strengths as a unit to help defeat conspiratorial underground organisations such as the Illuminati. Without the Animal Avengers, the world is doomed!

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  2. Beth, how can you keep bringing something unique to the blog? An amazing picture, a good Whitman quote. This word … “enough” … has some profound substance to it. Enough? When is”enough” … enough? Last thought: a discussion today came up with me about being a dad; specifically that I am “enough” for my son, my daughter. Radical, because so many men struggle with that …”Am I enough?” Sorry for the long reply. Have a good week.

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