it’s naptime

in the kinder room

one ‘sleeps’ in the cot garage


a hand reaches out

IMG_5005one ‘sleeps’ outside

barely on her cot


sees the signal

IMG_5008secret notes

get passed

in silence







very, very

 important scribbles

of all kinds.

let the spy games begin.

in my head, i think i’d make a perfect spy,

but in reality, i don’t think i’d fare very well.

– matthew rhys

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  1. Adorable. Takes me back a long, long way. I wonder if US adults took more midday naps–as they do in the south of France–there would be less violence.

    You know what they say . . . Americans live to work, and French work to live. In my estimation, the most civilized cultures are those with the best food and drink.

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  2. Is it a sign of my disturbed mind that I initially was freaked out by what looked like a dislocated (dismembered) baby hand? Then I read the piece and was like, ‘Awww…and boy do I need to stop watching Criminal Minds!”

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