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envelope left behind by a kinder in my class

who created it for someone special.

‘i have found that if you love life, life will love you back.’

-arthur rubinstein




the notes i scribbled after each walk in the parks

sometimes in a code that even i could not decipher

the artifacts i gathered as i walked the parks

most dried out to the point where i could not recognize them

i threw all of the the notes and artifacts into a big shoe box

in one heaping pile 

things fell out and fell in

i found a purple feather and holiday glitter in the mix

clearly a very complex and organized system.

“if you wish to forget anything on the spot,

make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”

-edgar allan poe




it’s naptime

in the kinder room

one ‘sleeps’ in the cot garage


a hand reaches out

IMG_5005one ‘sleeps’ outside

barely on her cot


sees the signal

IMG_5008secret notes

get passed

in silence







very, very

 important scribbles

of all kinds.

let the spy games begin.

in my head, i think i’d make a perfect spy,

but in reality, i don’t think i’d fare very well.

– matthew rhys

the swining


walked downtown through the snow to meet my friend for brunch on this beautiful, snowy day. i knew it was time to go out, before i went a bit stir crazy like jack’s character in ‘the shining,’ after i posted this note to myself on the inside of my front door.  apparently, i was craving one last rasher of bacon, before being snowbound for the next day or so, with nary a slice in the house. 


Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. – Doug Larson


happy birthday with notes from my heart


happy birthday to my eldest daughter who lives in a very different time zone and place and across the seas and over the lands and on the other side of the international date line and below the equator and in another hemisphere. as far away as we physically are from each other, our letters – long and flowery, on beautiful papers,  or short and scribbled on scraps, or captions made on things to note, using pens and pencils and markers and paint and crayons and cut-outs and news, are one of the things that keep us so close.

today, i think of you and picture you opening the letter that i have written for you to celebrate this very special day. and who knows? one day, you may even look into your rolling ocean and see a bottle bobbing there, or look to your blue sky and see a balloon tied to a note, or turn to a colorful bird, sitting atop a lovely flower in your front yard, holding an envelope in its bill, or watch a kangaroo jump towards you with a packet emerging from its pouch, and know there is a message in there, from me to you, just waiting for you to open –


More than kisses, letters mingle souls. – John Donne


i wish you really couldn’t leave forever.


with the holidays soon arriving, i’m missing my aussie part of the family. spent most of the summer with them down under, and loved this note that my young grandsons dictated to my daughter to give me as i was leaving. i was especially taken with the line used as my title of this piece. i also love that it involved pinatas, lasagne, fairies, my scent, and a warning.