global warning.


first parent note of the year – love it.  school is in, bring it kindergarten!



Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.
Ed Asner



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  1. I can relate as I am now a parent of a kindergartener. 🙂
    I used to work in special ed and we used to keep a journal of the funny stuff the kids would say.
    My husband is also a teacher and has some good stories as well.


  2. This Mum is a hoot and yes dont we all agree that littlies are a challenge of the extreme kind. You must be on your toes the whole time. Just a few minutes ago 2 1/2 yo grand daughter was asked to come inside as it is getting windy and cold…. promptly threw herself under the trampoline face first into the grass screaming, tears, as she does. Not really wanting to go in and get her etc , I said Oh look Peppa Pig is on the TV… instantly crawled out wiped her face with the back of her hand said All Better and sauntered inside. Got a love ’em. : )


  3. Great fun post. I have sent some fun notes in my day. Some teachers are better able for them than others. I suspect I would have really enjoyed the year if you had been my child’s teacher. They are lucky kids.


  4. I really liked this one! Reminded me of a few notes from home I used to receive as a middle school teacher, but the funniest ones that I got were from parents while I did child care… Glad you posted this one!


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