scribbles, scraps, and scrawls.


 anyone who works with me, is related to me, or friends with me

knows i love writing my ideas/notes/lists

on any random found piece of paper 

 all makes perfect sense to me 

interesting to look back at later

when out of context and a bit of time has gone by.


“but those who cannot write, and those who can, all rhyme, and scrawl, and scribble to a man.”

-alexander pope



note: (photo above is an “S” page ( S is for: scribbles, scraps and scrawls)

from a work-in progress – my memoir,

done in a large-format, alphabet book style,

using a bajillion collage pieces cut from everywhere – the best way i know to tell my story.)

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  1. I am also a maker of lists and writer of notes. But I use notebooks, arranged in a random pile on my desk. It is interesting to see ideas for fiction stories I jotted down almost 10 years ago. Sometimes I resurrect them, and they become a new serial.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I’ve been working on it for a while, collage is my art form and thought it would be a good way to tell my story. I’ve thought about printing out my blogs as well, but most of them don’t include things from my early life


  2. Made me laugh Beth…. I’m so like you – scribbling on newspaper rims, on invoices, shopping lists, films to watch, things to search on, authors and/or writers to learn more about, books I’m interested in, plenty of phone numbers (of which I later on know nothing about), birthday notes, things I MUST do (but often then don’t), etc. etc.
    On top of that – and after having thrown out all those newspapers, envelopes, notes – I also keep a handbag-sized agenda in which I note the DATES, Rendezvous, doctor’s visits and where HH is on which days and possibly WHERE he is…. These agendas are the only ones I truly keep over many, many years, but sadly they don’t contain the sketches, drawings …

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  3. When I was working, my computer screen was always framed with yellow sticky notes. These days it’s little 4×5 spiral notebooks and pens kept at hand. And notes on my laptop, my phone, my watch. Grocery lists, appointments, names for video game characters, reminders for seemingly everything. Plus journals when I was young and these days, a blog. Oh, and stuck on the inside of the medicine cabinet door and the insides of kitchen cabinet doors. It’s an unbreakable habit.


  4. Haha, similar over here. When something spontaneously comes to my mind and I need to keep that thought in mind, I need something (anything) to write it down. Because keeping in mind is not working that well… lol

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  5. Woody Allen used to write ideas down on whatever he had, then would throw the scraps into a drawer. Whenever he was trying to write something new, he’d dig the papers out of the drawer and spread them out on the floor, then he’d gather pieces up and have his ideas.

    There’s an idea: get yourself a scrapbook (or several) and put them all in there. Even better! Scan them into Evernote…

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  6. Interesting, Beth.
    I had a friend who made notes on scraps of paper. She had a million of them. She had big baskets filled with scraps of paper, scraps she said were especially perfect for saving for notes.
    Once the note was made on a scrap, it went into a different basket.

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