i wish you really couldn’t leave forever.


with the holidays soon arriving, i’m missing my aussie part of the family. spent most of the summer with them down under, and loved this note that my young grandsons dictated to my daughter to give me as i was leaving. i was especially taken with the line used as my title of this piece. i also love that it involved pinatas, lasagne, fairies, my scent, and a warning. 


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  1. Very sweet, The first time I went to Sicily to visit Mrs Sensible’s family, her little nieces said “come back soon aunty and you don’t have to bring him (me!!) if you don’t want to”

    I think they thought I was monopolising their time with Aunty Sensible.


  2. All of this shows the heart and soul of your family, remember you were the one who started this big ball of love rolling through your lives! You are blessed with the letter dictated by the grands, so sweet! I can see a book, as mentioned by above commenter, Al.


  3. A treasure indeed 🙂
    There is never a more
    truer word said as from
    the mouths of babes 🙂

    You will be with them
    again soon I am sure 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  4. Beth, I read this at just the right time. I usually write a small note to put in each of my son’s lunch boxes and I just came across a whole stack of old ones. It was nice for me to look back at them, I have them all in a big book, which I hope they get a kick out of when they are older, as I am sure your grandsons will when they read this. It is too cute.


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