grandie j learns how to do one of a frog’s many jobs.

“don’t be a fish; be a frog.

swim in the water and jump when you hit ground.”

– kim young-ha

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  1. Awesome Frog – getting well trained. 😀 Frog has rubber soles with either a synthetic or wool cap. I worked as safety manager for a tanker company and if I could make a suggestion? Frog’s stance to one side and his grip are perfect. I would feel more comfortable if his free hand was touching the car – for a number of reasons. First, anything unexpected is less likely to cause Frog to accidentally pull the nozzle. I’ve had other cars bump mine while I was fueling; had the wind blow cardboard that hit me; had another person stumble against me; had the hose spring a leak; slipped on ice in winter; actually once had an earthquake happen while I was fueling (in California), etc. A second hand touching the car brings much better stability. Second, flowing petroleum creates an electrical charge which is why the end of the nozzle is metal – to ground the nozzle and stream to the car. This electrical charge is always flowing any time the gas is flowing but is safely grounded. Frog’s soles are rubber which means he is not grounded to the pavement. If he lets go of the nozzle and, say,rubs his hat to stop an itch and then puts his hand back on the nozzle, he could spark with static electricity and the fumes that are coming back out around the nozzle when fueling, can ignite. But if Frog has his other hand on the car first, the charge bleeds off before he touches the nozzle and there is no spark. I’m not sure what the laws are in Michigan, but most states and provinces have outlawed nozzle trigger locks that allowed fuel to flow even if no one is holding the nozzle. The reason is that in a few cases there have been explosions when the operator left the nozzle and then returned to it with a static charge (they were all women with rubber soled shoes who went to get money from their purses in the car and came back to the nozzle and sparked when they touched it.)

    Anyway, Frog could go through a thousand lifetimes doing what he is doing and all will be fine. But if he is interested in upping his safety a bit more than everyone else, the spare hand on the car while fueling and before touching the nozzle, will ensure his safety. 😀

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