in my little front yard

mama and papa rabbit

stand guard

ever watchful

waiting for babies

to hop out of the nest


head out into the world

all on their own 


full of curiosity


fresh ideas.

“ideas are like rabbits.

you get a couple and learn how to handle them,

and pretty soon you have a dozen.

– john steinbeck

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  1. Love the quote. Our yard is full of bunnies this year. It scares me to pieces that they are tempting our dogs to seek them out. Silly bunnies. Not too bright or like living on the edge.

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  2. My computer says I am already following you, but I get no notifications of new posts (so much for computer technology & my pathetic computer expertise). Thank you much for liking any of my posts, because that is my link back to reading your posts. Anyway, I always look forward to reading any/all of your posts. Have I mentioned that you remind me of a modern-day Erma Bombeck?

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