big enthusiasm.


FullSizeRender-5 (1)it just isn’t a long weekend

until you break out 

your giant inflatable beer bottle 

to float down the river on.

“if you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.”
-dale carnegie

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      • Corona is good. For a few years I hauled Moosehead beer from the brewery in St. John New Brunswick to importers down the East Coast from New Hampshire to Texas. There is a lot of profit in imported beer so the receivers were quite free with their product. inevitably there would be a few broken bottles and they would take the rest of the case (unsalable because the labels got wet and damaged) and put them in a bin in the cooler. That bin would have beers from all over the world – singles from broken cases. Every time a driver dropped off a load they would let him pick a half a dozen from the bin for free. it was cheap for them (no taxes paid on product “destroyed”, so they would be about 50 cents a bottle) and would motivate drivers to do the best for them. Yum!

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  1. I love this quote Beth. Yesterday I was painting the house and got pretty worn out and tired. Felt a little dejected. I realized I hadn’t been going about it the right way. I had my music ear buds in but wasn’t really listening. Turned it up and started singing joyfully. Sure felt better to be enthusiastic. 🙂

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  2. I’ve never seen Dale Carnegie paired with inflatable beer bottle but it works girl, it works!
    🙂 I always leave with a smile when I visit your blog.

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