dark shadows.



Shadow of the Cat (01)

i woke up in the middle of the night

to loud screaming

coming from

glen frey the cat not the rocker

who was downstairs

in my living room 


not like 

a cat

but like a rocker

being attacked by something








expecting to find him

in a death match

with a

massive rabid opossum


grizzly bear


as i got closer

i saw who he was

running from


terrified of


 his enemy

was his own shadow. 

running and running and running

in a circle 

it was

chasing him


 he was terrified

running for his own survival

 i shut off the lights

called his name

 pet him

talked to him

after a while

he calmed down


he laid down


 heart pounding

i thought about

the many things 

that he might have

had to endure 

before he was rescued



that it all felt very real to him

as if those things were happening to him all over again

but now

he was home


he was safe once more.

“everything that we see is a shadow

cast by that which we do not see.”

– martin luther king, jr.

credits: universal pictures, google images

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  1. Oh, oh poor Glen Frey the cat not the rocker.What horrors he must have had to endure before he was rescued. I’m glad you were there for him to sooth and assure him Beth. I hope he eventually comes to understand that he is safe now and loved. Thanks so much for sharing this Beth.

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  2. What a sweet little story! And like the best stories, there’s a lesson in it for us all. Glen is lucky to have such a caring and understanding companion in you.

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  3. What a beautifully told story. You were very brave to tip toe down the stairs, and so compassionate to understand Glen’s fear and make him feel better. (Best name for a cat I’ve heard in a long time!) We’ve had dogs bark at the other identical dog in the reflection of the mirror, or glass window at night, and now have one who stares at the other identical dog in the mirror so calmly, I really think he knows he’s staring at himself. After all, Dr. Raj Koothrappali Korengold is an astrophysicist.

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