“did superman really want to save the world,

or did he just feel like he had to?

would he much rather be a farmer?


would he much rather

be hanging out with his dad and his mom and his dog?


-gerard way

happy father’s day

to supermen, roosters, children, and farmers, all.

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  1. That little rooster looks just like my Speckles. Many communities have outlawed roosters, as if they want to create a famine. I suspect the factory food farmers are behind it. By the way, the cover story on Mother Jones’ June issue is about factory chicken farming and antibiotics.

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  2. Great post, Beth. I think Superman and fathers probably start out with great intentions and a want-to attitude, but there are days when have-to is about the best they can muster. Fortunately, even “have-to” is good enough for honorable men who don’t complain about what they have to do. Another word for such fathers is “Hero.” I was blessed with such a Dad.

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  3. I like how you expressed this, Beth. It held a lot of truth within this. hugs and happy memories to those who had close relationships and those who didn’t hope they had a great uncle, friend, neighbor or someone who was their own personal Superman! 🙂

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