(not us, but what we imagined we looked like)

back in my advertising days

we decided to get active

and created

an after-work

roller blading group 

we did this 

each wednesday

for 6 years

with a pretty loyal core of people

and noticed that

we never got better

never lost an ounce of weight 

never got faster

but we did

meet our local police

see things from street level

like we had never seen them before

scream when going down big hills

 frequently get passed

by speed skating groups in matching outfits

sweat a lot

listen to outdoor concerts in the park

plug in a blender outside

 for margarita night

laugh endlessly

cross paths with many interesting people

discover places that we didn’t know existed

blade into taverns for refreshments

get breathless

survive many scrapes bruises and sprains


share such a wonderful adventure.


(not us either, but more what we really looked like)

“there is more to life than increasing its speed.”

 ~mohandas k. gandhi

image credits: google images

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  1. Life is funny that way, isn’t it? What may at first glance look like a failure (“none of us lost any weight”) may in fact be a huge win … but just in ways we didn’t expect. Love your poem. Thank you!

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  2. Ha! Even though you saw little difference I bet your doctor would have noticed a positive difference. At one point n my life I worked out three times a week and my weight stayed the same as well – muscke wieghts more than fat. ;).

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  3. Oh – I really wanted to roller blade but I was awful at it. Somehow concrete worried me a lot more than ice ever did when ice skating. Maybe it was all the pads I was supposed to wear….in any event, it sounds like it was terrific fun.

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    • ah, yes, many stories from those advertising days, robin. thank you and hope maybe we can meet up this summer or early fall and swap stories in person )


  4. yep…and it sounds to me like you had a community of buddies …how totally special. We all need a “community of friends”…sometimes we forget this when we get older. Thanks for the reminder. I need to go strap my skates on and find some skating buds! 😉

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  5. =) I have the same feeling for my badminton, but you know, is not that we did not lose a pound but the important thing is that we did not gain and get sick easily! So what we see not gaining is not without gaining.

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