the north.



our street in cushendall

filled with flowers

and friendly locals



high tea at culloden estate filled with tradition and treats



Β st. patrick’s cathedral in armargh

filled with flowers and family roots



glencraig school and community

for developmentally challenged people of all ages

filled with caring and compassion


titanic exhibit in belfast

filled with history, heroics, love, and loss


quote-northern-ireland-is-the-world-s-best-kept-secret-both-in-the-character-of-its-people-liam-neeson-93-3-0331 (1)


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  1. The tea time location was charming. I particularly liked the pictures “treats,” yummy! Your first road along a white house made me fall in love with the pretty setting! ❀
    I noticed the Glen Craig School and their community window. So glad Ireland is catching up with how to present education for all, including those with challenges and developmental delays, Beth. They are extremely tough in one part of Ireland towards teenagers. My sister in law teaches at Baldwin Wallace about tribes and heritage. I wrote a post about this, I believe. She takes college students there to study for nearly a month, an aspect of culture upon the high schoolers.
    The Belfast art project they worked on side by side with Irish expelled high schoolers was astonishing; considering the short time they were there.
    Susan has been to Ireland, Scotland and England with her classes moving to immerse into other countries. Her students and she have traveled to South Africa, along with many Native American pow wow's here in the U.S., . .

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  2. Wonderful post, as usual, but I have to focus on the Titanic Museum. It’s a very imaginative and creative place, and I hope you got the chance to visit it at night when the outlines of the Titanic and Olympic are lit up behind the building, showing where they actually constructed both ships. That seemingly-simple tribute was just such a humanistic moment to experience, full of immensity and loss…


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