“there are three qualities that every individual

must have to achieve success:

a monk’s patience, a warrior’s courage, a child’s imagination.”

― sharad vivek sagar



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  1. Yikes! A fierce crew,they are. I feel kind of sad for them – these days a lot of parents in Canada won’t allow kids to play at war – unless it is on a computer console and that only when older. I can remember summer days when I was that age and we would play war outside from 7 am until the sun went down , with only breaks for meals. And we had all the plastic guns and holsters and helmets or bows and arrows, plastic rifles, etc. I can understand parents banning weapon look alikes in this political climate but every nation state has always needed and always will need warriors. It is an honorable and important career. We treat our warriors shamefully after they have put their lives on the line to make us safe. It has become politically incorrect to be a real warrior or even for children to play at warriors. Thanks so much for publishing this picture Beth.

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