glen frey the cat

has made a pretty easy transition

to being indoors

once again

and his

homecoming is complete,

though i’m thinking

i may have to send him outside again

for just a bit. 

image credit: googleimages, hankin


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  1. That’s an interesting conclusion Beth – do you think part of him misses the outdoors? Personally I believe that animals are happiest where they feel safest and most comfortable in environments that they know and understand, Which may be a paradox – Glen Frey the cat not the rock star may know the outside the best but may face the most danger there.

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    • yes, i do think he does, but i also know and think he knows that he’s safe right where he is. considering all of the bad things he’s suffered in the past, before being rescued twice, i’m not planning to let him outside anytime soon –

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  2. LOL 🙂 This is what my cat gets up to
    on an evening too, I just leave my chair
    for one moment and on returning, well,
    guess who is sitting in my place? 😉

    My Molly of course…

    Have a fantastic day Beth, I have enjoyed
    calling in (briefly I know) and will call again
    soon 🙂

    Andro xx

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