“labor gives birth to ideas.” – jim rohn



“modern society, based as it is on the division of labor,

can be preserved only under conditions of lasting peace.”

-ludwig von mises

happy labor day in the usa

to all of those who labor

wherever you may be

image credit: google images


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  1. Hey ! It’s Labour Day up here in Canada too. Sheesh, 😀

    Business benefits from war – it always grows the economy faster and products and services are used at a much faster pace. All business needs is a stable regulatory environment to be profitable. If you define peace as regulatory peace then the quote is right.

    Business wants to make more with less so division of labor is to their benefit as it separates the wealthy from the poor who do the work. And the smaller the labor force, the better for all the wealthy and the worse for the worker. Capitalism is the best economic system yet but needs to be monitored and adjusted – which it is not – for it continually transfers wealth from the poor to the wealthy.Every year fewer and fewer of the wealthy own a greater and greater percentage of the wealth. In truth the poor finance this economy.

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  2. Reminds me of the tale which says that hell is where everyone is seated at a lavish overflowing banqueting table but they can only touch the food with 3 foot long spoons and forks. Heaven on the other hand is the same. The difference is that in hell, everyone is frustrated because they can’t bring the food to their mouths because the fork and spoon is too long but in heaven everyone is happy because they know how to feed each other across the table.

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