to do list – style a:

play with the ponies 1.

pack the cars. 2.

go to bed 3.

get in the car to go on vacation 4.

do fun things 5. 

a major contrast in approaches

both with the same desired outcome

two grandies

each with their own

style of list


way of getting ready 


organizing things

to go on a trip.


to do list – style b:

(loose translation):

‘go around and around in a twisty circle and get some stuff done

and not some other stuff and then hide for a while

and eat something you find outside

and then get in the car to go on vacation and do fun things.’

(i am more of a ‘b-list style’ of organizer. what about you – a or b?)

“the process and organization leading up to cooking the egg

can tell you a lot about the cook.”

-david chang

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  1. I take a week of stacking up stuff, towels, flip flops, clothes, book, magazines, jacket. . . Each day the pile gets bigger and yet, the running around in circles used to be my mode of operandi, Beth. Single motherhood was crazy with my 3 busy kids. 🙂

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  2. this is awesome, Beth! I’m partial to the first list as it strikes a nice balance between organization and just plain silly 🙂 The second list is lovely, too, of course. Just a bit more theoretical than practical, haha. Great post.

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