a relaxed and wonderful evening 

spent with my three daughters

dinner at the prickly pear cafe


movie and laughs and talk  

just the four of us

enjoying each others’ good company.

because of them

i have always known


four is my lucky number.

“love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”

-john lennon

image credit: google images

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  1. Myself and the three girls went to Brigid Jones last week. It was a great evening, but better for being with the three (my son wasn’t into it!). Lovely to have your three near you.

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  2. Had me thinking of anchors.
    Also, there is a prickly pear plant right next to our condo building. A beautiful old thing that will be destroyed – within the year – to clear a lot for yet another building. I’m not sure how, but people around here actually cook with prickly pears.

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  3. Such a lucky woman! The daughters plus you are a “force to reckon with!” I saw Masterminds over the weekend with a coworker, laughed so much! My daughters like one on one time since as a single mom I didn’t do this often. 🙂

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