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  1. Once again, you made me smile, which is a lovely thing in itself, but dreams and the confidence to make them real are questions of great complexity. I am often drawn to think of people who, without choice, work in places like the rice fields of Thailand for around twelve hours a day, often with other family members, and I’m often struck by the humility and good humour with which they go about their work. Sometimes, perhaps, our dreams are to do with finding our centre of being rather than just changing our physical occupation or circumstances. There are arguments on every side of this question but you will be pleased to know I am now going to stop writing. I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for making me think about this 🙂

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  2. Perhaps some people do not have very wild dreams? Perhaps some people feel they have been pushed down as much as they can bear. It makes me sad to think of anyone giving up on life. I believe too many people have. But those of us who live and strive and enjoy life do want to share! I wish I knew how to help more of the ‘others’. sigh Life can be so much fun & full to live.

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