our latest ikea experience

was spent looking for a few cool things

we didn’t even know we needed or what they were exactly



it was really all just an excuse to spend the afternoon

finding secret shortcuts

through this blue and yellow warehouse of good stuff

by using the trial and error approach,

good guesses, maps, fancy footwork

and leaps of faith


Β what a grand adventure it turned out to be


Β (and we even ended up with the omsorg of our dreams as an unexpected bonus.)

“what romantic terminology called genius or talent or inspiration is nothing other than

finding the right road empirically, following one’s nose, taking shortcuts.”

-italo calvino


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  1. Ikea is fun for me IF I don’t have a particular item in mind to buy. I like the maze aspect of it, especially when I get to the end of the maze and find Daim, the chocolate-covered toffee candies that are to die for! BUT if I have to find one small thing in the store, then I feel doomed.

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  2. Omsorgs are currently illegal in North Carolina, I think, Beth. That place is an adventure. Last time we got cinnamon rolls there, they tasted like pressed wood, so we complained, and they gave us ice cream instead.

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  3. Heidi loves shopping there and I buy everything I can (including nearly all groceries) from Amazon, so usually she has to sweet-talk me into going shopping with her, and even then it only sometimes works (and I often regret it.)

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  4. Glad you ended up with the shoehorn(?) of your dreams! I dream about living in one of those showcased “apartments” they have inside IKEA, with all the modern kitchen fittings and fancy bedding, lovely wooden things and… oh, yes – I love IKEA! (P.S. Their meatballs are good too.)

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  5. I visited Ikea one time, and they sure do carry a lot of items! Had to look up what an omsorg was – ha-ha. My 2-year-old grandson thought a shoehorn was really cool when I showed him how it made getting his shoes on easier! Looks like a fun place to take the grandies for a day of fun when it may be cold & wet outside. Kids do like to explore!

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  6. Ha! We spent the afternoon of New Year’s Eve there and wound up with 20 pieces of Tupperware. There were so many bins of stuffed animals everywhere, that I wound up early with a stuffed camel in my arms and probably looked foolish carrying it throughout the various kitchens/living quarters/yellow brick road path for the next hour. I had no use for a stuffed camel, but that is the spell of Ikea.

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