“we always think of borders

as something that separates two peoples

but of course they unite them.

it’s something you have in common, literally.”

-don winslow

photo credit: getty images


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  1. So true. And sometimes they are so innocuous that they don’t even make sense. I noticed that when driving across the country. In one state and out of another, I often wondered how people long ago decided where to draw the line!

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  2. How wonderful and how strange that we can draw a line in the dirt and say there’s a different country on both sides. What if we didn’t do that? What if we did away with borders and names completely? What if we mixed everyone up and no one even understood “differences,” because there weren’t any? It’s impossible to imagine but it could be done. We can’t imagine it because it’s never been tried before, that’s all.

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  3. This would be a lot less messy, much more friendly if we didn’t have to worry about borders, Beth. ❤ My grandparents came from across the ocean separately, with their parents. They have their names on Ennis Island. Everyone came from somewhere else except for the original peoples: Native Americans, Mexicans and the Canadians.

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