on day 5 with no power

when i log onto their site

to check on the status

i wonder

how many people 

are choosing to click on 

the ‘make payment’ option.

“information can bring you choices and choices bring power –

educate yourself about your options and choices. never remain in the dark of ignorance.”

-joy page

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  1. Oh Beth, that’s awful! But look at you, the eternal optimist, still entertaining us with your posts!
    We had wind damage that tore off some trim pieces on the house… one was so high we couldn’t get to it and it flapped against the roof all night! I have a nice repair bill to commemorate the experience. 😦

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  2. On the plus side, your light bill should be a little smaller this coming time. We have a snowstorm here today, not enough wind to call it a blizzard but I sure wouldn’t go anywhere. Supposed to be 8 inches or more. More power to you! Soon, I hope!

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  3. This is funny and tragic all at once. I’ve been involved in power-out issues for a couple of days tops but nothing like this. This too shall end at some point. Great attitude about not-great circumstances!

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