“colors speak all languages.” -joseph addison


                                                        Crayola Is About to Kill Off One of Its Colors

The world’s most famous crayon-maker is planning to make this year’s National Crayon Day (today, march 31), one for the record books. As TIME reports, Crayola is planning to retire a classic color from its 24-pack crayon box for the first time in a century. Is dandelion facing certain death? Could blue violet be waving bye-bye? Is scarlet saying see you later?

Crayola hasn’t confirmed which color is being killed off yet, which means that every shade is on the colorful chopping block. But they’ll announce their final decision via a live stream event today, which you can RSVP to on Facebook.

While you’re awaiting the big news, you can make your own voice heard by telling Crayola which color you can’t live without by sharing a photo on Instagram with your favorite color and using the hashtag #ShareYourFave.

“colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

-pablo picasso

credits: istockphoto, jennifer wood, mental floss, time magazine

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  1. May you have a colorful weekend, Beth!! 🌈
    I love to crayon and the bigger box of 96 colors is still one I ask my little artists to put the crayons back in the box, instead of in the freezer bag of hodge podge crayons which are dumped out! ❤
    They used to have a color called, "flesh" which was a pinkish orange, certainly didn't represent many colors of flesh. I am not sure when they retired that color but it should be long gone. . . 🙂

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    • it’s their product and what they represent. be it a crayon, a corporation, or a candidate, they all have to be presented in a positive and active light. i think you would be a wonderful crayon p.r. guy –


  2. The flip side: unless they’re going to a 23-Pack, we’re soon to see “Crayola Announces New Color for Traditional Two-Dozen.” Yet I’m with tradition, Beth. Dance with the partners who got you there. Or, stay within these particular lines.

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    • you are right, mark. only a matter of time before the new color emerges. maybe there is a reason to pull some, if its name is hurtful to someone, but a color not being popular, is hard to take –


  3. I’ve never recovered from the discontinuation of lemon yellow, my favorite as a kid. Back when we were still dating, my husband bought me a special edition tin box of crayons that included some of the discontinued colors and lemon yellow was in it. If I hadn’t known he was the one before that, there could have been no question afterwords.

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  4. Ever since I made a poster in junior school, (I was really rubbish at anything creative) and came into school proudly, only to discover not only was it rubbish compared to everyone else’s but the colour yellow cannot be seen from a distance.
    I’m not bitter but I’ve been very ‘off’ yellow since.


  5. Kind of like Pluto. You shouldn’t be able to just change your mind about a planet or a crayon. I think they should make MORE colors, not less. LOL Maybe they will be deluged with letters about reinstating the defunct color…like they did with Pluto. People went a little made over that and Crayola colors are sacred. 🙂

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