“farming is a profession of hope” – brian brett


today we met the farmers

they got down low


 told us everything

they showed us how to plant our own food

so that we could eat it later

they answered all of our questions

and told us

how the food would taste better

because we know the farmers now.

“know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen.”

-joel salatin

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  1. Our schools all need this CLASS. So many life lessons come into ‘play’ here.
    Like, patience for early rain to sprout the seedlings& later rain to help it mature to
    even 100 x what began as one seed! We
    plant but God gives the increase! To plow is to pray…

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  2. Asked a dear friend, a working artist who grew up on a midwest dairy farm, which was more risky in his opinion. Instantly, he replied that farmers are the true gamblers: on the weather, insects & so much more for a crop to pay off financially. For perspective, he is a potter who attends art shows all summer & fall (Dec to March you have to plan for no income those months). One has to submit entry funds for a show in advance, and weather can be a heat wave, rain, or more. Good weather days are a blessing, but cannot be counted on in either profession.

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