cinderella story.


i wonder

who lost one rubber slipper

in the middle of the woods

maybe i will

cross paths

with the person

who is wearing the other

one day.


“you cannot put the same shoe on every foot. “

-publilius syrus

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  1. I have always wondered how people manage to lose one shoe – I see them discarded on the road all the time, and the owners don’t notice they have lost their shoe until they have gone so far away, that it doesn’t make sense to go back and retrieve it. So there, the lonely shoe sits. It is very puzzling to me. I think I would definitely notice if I was missing a shoe.

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  2. Love how colorful the slipper is, I saw a pair tied up on a power line recently and wondered who would want their slippers hanging up there for the world to see. Baffling really. I do like the use of the word slipper – I grew up calling them that. My children keep telling me they are flip-flops…

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