bunny ponders.


bunny ponders how it is that

just last week

he was out in the open fields

rounding up cabbages, eating tall grasses, chasing bugs, free as the wind, and making merry,

only to find himself working in the restroom of a local establishment

 from 9 to 5

this week

nowhere near as exciting

and not a tall blade of grass to be found. 

“it’s diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next.”
-jolene blalock

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  1. There were times in my life when having macaroni and cheese to eat would have a huge luxury. It’s sometimes nice to be reminded that change is a part of life. Sometimes change is for the better, and sometimes it can be breathtakingly painful.

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  2. what a beautiful bunny! Our place is called Rabbit Hollow, for the wild bunnies who lived here years ago. They sadly aren’t around any longer so I have many pondering long-eared fellows in the yard. I wonder if they consider winter in the garage their “macaroni and cheese”?

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  3. I’m sure we have talked about our past “server” days but there were many of times I would look out of a rather dark restaurant interior at the beautiful sunshine and “ponder!” (as well as, “grump a bit!”) xo

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