more light.


two grandies reap the benefits of more light,

each in their own way.

“one benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.”
― jeannette walls, The Glass Castle: A Memoir

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  1. I really like your casual photos with such adorable children who “do their own thing!”
    Reading outdoors is one of the best parts of summer. 🌞📖
    ps. (Disclaimer~ not to upset you. You may delete this after you read it)I am sad to say, I was in a book club and as we analyzed it, we decided the boy who becomes the father was molested by his grandmother. This is why he doesn’t want to take his family “back home.” All of us in the club, who had kids, nephews or grandies, decided it made us sad for the way the roots caused such decay upon the family’s choices. The ending was a tear jerker, too. I have to say this, since it is a little dismaying when I feel two important plots are unwholesome and actually a little disgusting. When they talk of making this into a movie, we wonder how gritty it will be?

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  2. This reminded me of my great-gran’s porch in Illinois when my siblings and I visited as small children. We would lay on the porch swing and rock back and forth, hearing the squeak of the movement and eventually falling asleep. I can almost smell the jasmine and roses–oh, what beautiful memories. Thanks for taking me back there. Dawn

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