here we go.


50 years ago this week

we were in the midst of a detroit riot

we have come such a long way

 still have a way to go

but here we go.

“since its founding, detroit has been a place of perpetual flames. numerous times the city has suffered riots and each time the city has burned to the ground. the city’s flag acknowledges as much.

speramus meliora; resurget cineribus:

we hope for better things;

it shall rise from the ashes.”

― charlie leduff

detroit free press – 1967

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  1. Yay, Detroit! Life is changing every day and fifty years ago, I think the Cuyahoga River was on fire with pollution. . .
    Life has improved with environmental controls in Cleveland. In Detroit, because people cared. ❤🌲

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  2. I was fortunate enough to live during a most interesting time. So much happened, to me and to the world. Memory is an odd thing; once I start looking at events of the time all sorts of details come rushing back. As for Detroit, I recall them making news here in England. I will be going to see the film tomorrow.

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