human nature.


“race hate isn’t human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature.”

-orson welles








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  1. Thanks for a great Sunday thought. This is especially true with some of the things we see on the news every day. I usually write humor for my blog, but I like to write more serious things. I had written a story a while ago called “We are all just people.” I smiled when I saw your picture of babies, because my story starts with babies, and then small children in a playground. It seems that racism is learned not innate. Thanks for getting me thinking, and remembering my old story.

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    • you are so welcome, and i very much agree, patrick. like you, my posts tend to be mostly on the lighter side of life, but there are times where i go the serious route. it might be a good time to reblog your post.


  2. So true. Thank you for this. No-one is born with hate in their hearts. It is taught and learned and we as adult humans should be teaching the new generations about love and tolerance, about humanity and kindness and about how to get along with each other regardless of difference.

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