after watching

“an inconvenient sequel”

on a hot summer night

in ann arbor

i was left

absolutely chilled.

“a man has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct 

though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.”

-walter lippmann

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  1. However this morning I read this article in a UK respected national magazine called the Spectator. I worry that difference of opinion that at one time provoked debate when they previously provoked pointless war (Catholic v Protestant, Roundhead v Cavaliers, South v North, Lilliput v Brobdinnag) are once again becoming polarising binary personal disputes.Who is the denier in the article, I ask? It seems like Gore…

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    • thanks for passing this along, i always like to read a variety of points of view. the message from the film for me, was that we must be proactive in caring for the earth, instead of using it in a way that exploits its resources, without considering the impact it may have. it’s clear he has a passionate interest in this and is concerned about the earth, no matter how much impact one believes it may have.


      • But the Florida floods connection mentioned in the article worried me if what the reporter said about Gore’s accusations of “denier” when he raised this seeming easy elision of events into a convenient cause and effect are true. It’s a trend these days to attach “……phobe” or “denier” to any person with a contrary point of view and thus dismiss them, label them and make it easier to vilify them.

        “First they came for the climate change deniers… and I did not speak out”


          • But that is the wider issue. One side of an argument uses illegitimate weapons with which to knock the contrary position out of the debate with childish fingerpointing and sneers of denier or fillintheblankophobe. Miami is sinking according to the expert quoted. Floods are more prevalent mostly because of that — along with a small sea level rise which is measurably the same as that which occurred in the 1940s and then went away. Thus Gore’s case is devalued and cheapened by a tricksy juxtaposition of Greenland followed by flooded streets in Miami without even mentioning what you might call inconvenient truths to his belief. It is not helped by him seemingly labeling that scientist as a “denier” even though he knew nothing of his work or his stance on warming trends.


  2. I liked the first one and was like you, speechless. Only you were chilled! It leaves me in fear for our grandchildren’s future. . . I respect the scientists and research which went into this sequel, Beth.
    Hug a tree and the grandies. . . 👦🌳👧

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  3. I studied Environmental Quality at university many years ago. More than one cause usually leads to (in this case) environmental changes. What is the ‘tipping point’ where irreversible changes occur? You really don’t know for sure until it is too late. Like the importance of buying insurance, I believe we need to be aware of putting the earth back to how we found it, lest we cross the unmarked line. Just my 2 cents.

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