i have at last found the perfect way

to measure my walks through the parks.

reindeer know what’s up.

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  1. We lived in Finland for a time. That droll sense of humor is seen everywhere. In Oulu (where we were) they have a garlic festival and Finland also has a wife carrying contest every year. Of course they’d have a word for reindeer wanderings. Walk on!

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      • THIS summer, I am resting when I collapse…ask me about it sometime….I would love to write a tell-all expose’ book or a self-help manual as a result of clueless humans and the kitten that unglued their clueless souls…or glued them even tighter when I stop for one second in the mania to review whatever happened! what a bunch of misguided zombies….good god!

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  2. Very cool post. Thank You. Nice that You did find the word Poronkusema. Being Finn, I have understand that the length of Poronkusema is indefinite, not only 7.5 km. 🙂

    When talking about reindeers, did You know that it is nice animal and in the town Oulu in February, there is:

    Reindeer race.

    It is open for everybody and is free of charge! I can say that is cool happening. 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

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