for all the oddballs and misfits out there,

eventually, if you just follow your path,

you will reach somewhere no one else has.

you are uniquely meant to do something that only you can do.

-twinkle khanna

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  1. Wow! A dedicated bin. I want to join them. One day at Walmart (of all places) I saw a group of orphan bananas with a sign that said, “Pick me. I’m single!.” Gave me a grin for the day, and I picked 3 to bring home. I love guerilla marketing!

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  2. It’s so true. Some of us are made to blend in, to be considered “normal”. And then there are those of us who are made to stand out. That usually takes some getting used to, but once you discover there are others there with you, that’s when you can see yourself as you are – outstanding!

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